Investment management

When selecting investments, Aretas Capital Management Ltd pursues a disciplined approach; identifying opportunities in different market contexts and regions. We prefer active strategies to passive investing. The quality of return lies in its steadiness, requiring both independent thinking and action in the implementation of investment strategies. Consequently, Aretas Capital Management Ltd pursues this and is committed to performance over several market cycles.

Manager selection

The long-term experience of Aretas Capital Management Ltd in the selection of hedge fund and private equity managers is based on the management of diversified portfolios that meet institutional requirements. Managers and funds are evaluated from an entrepreneurial point of view. They need to demonstrate specific competitive advantages. We select managers that are free from conflicts of interest based on professional screening and due diligence processes.

Risk management

Effective risk management means that Aretas Capital Management Ltd only takes risks for which the market pays an adequate premium. Risks are actively managed and, where necessary, hedged with appropriate instruments.


Regularly Aretas Capital Management Ltd sheds light on a topic we deem significant for medium- to long-term investment perspectives.
The topics are closely related to the financial markets, yet it is our objective to provide a broader perspective and background. In addition to the main topic, this publication also deals with current market issues and explains our investment policy in detail.










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