Aretas Group

The main focus of Aretas Group is on the supervision of direct and indirect investments in industry, life sciences and real estate in Europe, the US and Asia. The growth and protection of assets are paramount to our philosophy. The shareholders of Aretas Group stand by this investment strategy and the necessary autonomy of its management. The Aretas Group consists of independent companies: Aretas Ltd, Aretas Capital Management Ltd and Aretas Tax Management Ltd.


Aretas Ltd is the Family Office. It is the executive office that oversees investments and bears strategic responsibility.

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Aretas Capital Management

Aretas Capital Management Ltd is an investment management boutique with a global approach to asset allocation. It manages portfolios in a family office context, for private individuals and foundations.

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Aretas Tax Management

Aretas Tax Management Ltd is a company specialized in Swiss and international tax law and is responsible for the tax strategy of the Family Office.

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Privacy Policy

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